M48 Talon Survival Speer

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United M48 Talon Survival Speer

This M48 Survival Spear from United Cutlery measures in at a whopping approx. 112 cm from end to end, featuring a razor-sharpapprox. 20.3 cm blade that is nearly half and inch thick! With a stainless steel blade this powerful, this spear was built for durability and strong use. Practical applications abound with this massive spear, including uses such as breaching, prying, andimpaling practically anything. The handle is meticulously crafted of 30% fiberglass in the design of a cane, and is nearlyindestructible. Includes rubber sheath.

- Gesamtlänge: ca. 112 cm
- Klingenlänge: ca. 20,3 cm
- Klingenmaterial: Edelstahl

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